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KAN-PACIFIC was originally established in 1990 in a small workshop in Hong Kong. We quickly came to be known as an innovative and creative source for solutions to difficult industrial cleaning problems.


In addition, we take great pride in the system design and user friendliness of our equipment. We can offer desktop type, single tank, multi-stage, conveyor type, spray, immersion, and ultrasonic in both standard and custom designs, as well as fully automatic cleaning system and special custom made equipment, plus auxiliary equipment such as automatic transportation units of various capacities and designs.


No matter what industry you are in or what parts you are cleaning, KAN-PACIFIC offers the experience and design expertise necessary to develop the most effective solution for your organization's parts cleaning needs.


  • Standard ultrasonic cleaning equipment

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning and drying system

  • Aqueous cleaning system

  • Vapor degreaser

  • Hydrocarbon cleaning system

  • Hydrocarbon vacuum recovery system

  • Hard coating equipment

  • Spray washer

  • Conveyor type spray cleaning machine

  • Hot air dryer / Oven / Vacuum dryer / IPA dryer

  • Industrial water chiller

  • Auxiliary equipment for cleaning system

  • Automation / Auto-trans system

  • Deionized water system

  • Fixture and cleaning basket

  • Custom-built design

  • Upgrade existing old cleaning machine

  • Technical support services 

  • Trade-in service

ISO 9001 Certified 


Quality always comes first.


We guarantee a high quality standard of our products by using a consequent quality management system.


With the positive finish of our system audit according to ISO 9001 our production plant was certified in Nov., 1998. That's an evidence for the quality assurance of our areas research and development, production, sales and customer service. It is the ambition of our quality management system to arrange and improve permanently our internal workflows, so that the quality of our end products is assured. Gratefully we accept helpful suggestions of our customers. For us quality means customer satisfaction.

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